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Skip the perfume aisle. At Wndrmade®, we aren’t just inspired by nature, it’s what we’re made of.

Wndrmade® fragrance accords are built with anywhere from 12 to 20 essential oils and botanical extracts that we combine and fine tune into one-of-a-kind natural perfumes, our own take on the classic earthy scents that have inspired us.

Our ingredients are consciously sourced from the purest, highest quality, and environmentally responsible providers around the world, blended by hand at our Catskill Mountain hideaway to create truly unique, beautiful, and REAL smelling candles that have all the complexities and curiosities that nature intended. 🌱

Here’s a list of our current fragrances. Check back often as we expand our collection:

BASE Moroccan Atlas Cedarwood ・ MID Neroli ・ TOP Lavender

It’s subtle. LIke a dream walk through Moroccan cedars, with the accompaniment of a light citrus blossom breeze. Mildly woodsy, pleasantly sweet aroma to help calm a restless mind.

BASE Sandalwood ・ MID Geranium ・ TOP Citrus and Rose

An exquisite floral aroma that is a perfect candle for steamy summer nights, the beach house, or a cabin in the woods.

BASE Vetiver ・ MID Jasmine ・ TOP Bergamot

The sultry and seductive, yet playfully honey-sweet juxtaposition in the aroma of the Jasmine flower gives it a beautiful natural complexity, both arousing and deeply calming.

BASE Amyris ・ MID Lavender ・ TOP Thyme

Our lavender scent is made with the real thing, no cheap synthetics or lavendin substitutes, just pure French lavender complimented by woody, balsamic heart and an herbaceous top note.

BASE Palo Santo ・ MID Black Pepper ・ TOP Juniper Berry

A spiritual, meditative fragrance that is known to cleanse the mind and enhance creativity.

BASE Patchouli ・ MID Cistus ・ TOP Fir

Our Patchouli is sophisticated, and like a fine wine, only gets better with age.

BASE Sandalwood ・ MID Cardamom ・ TOP Bergamot

Sweet, rich and luxurious, This silky, smooth aroma will arouse your senses with ethereal warmth and memories.

BASE Vanilla ・ MID Cinnamon Bark ・ TOP Magnolia

Spicy, sweet and complex, a fragrance for reminiscing, relaxation, a sense of home.

BASE Vetiver ・ MID Coriander Seed ・ TOP Pink Grapefruit

Soft, warm, and comforting, like a cashmere sweater or your favorite blanket to wrap up in.