At Wndrmade®, our story is one part mission and one part journey. When we set out to create a 100% natural fragrance line, we made the commitment that all of our decisions would be centered around four questions: Is it natural? Is it renewable? Is it recyclable? Is it reusable?

Our mission has always been, and will continue to be laser focused on developing all-natural fragrance products with the highest quality perfumery components, while also ensuring that every part of our candles from the vessels, to the wax, to the packaging, and even the labels are eco-friendly. We made a choice to never, ever use synthetic fragrance components or fossil fuel based waxes, which unfortunately remain in use today as the industry standard.

The Wndrmade® journey is only just beginning. We spent the entirety of 2019 developing our first flagship candles, three scents that we consider essential classics. Every fragrance we make is hand crafted in-house at a remote location in the Catskill Mountains of New York, and we will continue to introduce new scents as we perfect them. We hope that you will join us on this journey of discovery, creativity, and evolution as we look to establish ourselves as the natural option in a world of synthetic perfumery.