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IKARI Candle

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Back when we didn’t have electric lights, one of the biggest concerns for our ancestors was how to make the candlelight brighter. The form of IKARI was born from their ingenuity. We call it “anchor shape,” a top-heavy style with a wide rim and narrow vase that allows the candle to create a large flame very quickly.

Pairs perfectly with a KOMA Candle Stand (Large).

Made in Japan using sumac wax.

Please see additional info for more details on size and burn time.

Style: IKARI (Anchor)
Size: φ 3 cm x H 17 cm
Burn Time: 240 mins
Quantity: 1 piece
Fits: KOMA Candle Stand Large

・ Burn on a candle holder or a safe, heat-resistant surface.
・ Burn in a well ventilated room.
・ Do not leave the candle unattended.
・ Keep candles away from curious children and pets.

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IKARI Candle