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Zoom Incense Parcel
Zoom Incense Parcel
Zoom Incense Parcel

Incense Parcel


A special presentation of Incausa's four classic Breu Resin incense blends, finely hand-wrapped into parcels of traditional Nepalese Lokta paper. 

Each stick burns for up to 50 minutes. Available in Palo Santo (Brown Parcel) or White Sage (Blue Parcel). 1 parcel / 9 incense sticks per parcel.

LEARN MORE about Incausa and the scents.

Burn on an incense holder or a safe, heat-resistant surface. The incense stick can be smudged and reused to extend its life.

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Founded in 2012, Incausa known in Latin as "IN THE CAUSE OF", is a study in progress about consciousness and sacred trade, to find meaningfulness in profit, for mindful growth; personal, community, and societal.

Incausa collaborates with artisans, villages and associations of eight different native ethnicities in the Amazon Basin. Acting as a non-profit patron, subsidizing logistics, production, and developing sustainable market-placements. When you purchase a indigenous piece, you’re directly supporting the marketplace existence and the creation of a sustainable chain of commerce.


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