Calming Botanical Candle Collection - 8 oz

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Give yourself a little TLC by refreshing your mind, body, and spirit after a stressful day with our Calming Botanical Candle Collection.

Get a collection discount and free shipping when you choose three 8 oz candles.

LAVENDER - In the mountains of France, you can walk the vast fields and rows of little purple flowers with a soft, powdery scent revered the world over. Our lavender scent is made with the real thing, no cheap synthetics or lavendin substitutes, just pure French lavender complimented by woody, balsamic heart and an herbaceous top note.
NOTES Base: Amyris - Mid: Lavender - Top: Thyme

SANTALUM - Sweet, rich and luxurious, Sandalwood is famous for very good reasons. The silky, smooth aroma will arouse your senses with ethereal warmth and memories.
NOTES Base: Hawaiian Sandalwood - Mid: Clary Sage - Top: Bergamot

VANILLA - If the word “soothing” had a scent, it would be our VNLA candle. Sweet and smooth, a fragrance for reminiscing, relaxation, a sense of home.
NOTES Base: Vanilla - Mid: Cinnamon Bark - Top: Magnolia

VETIVER - Soft, warm, and comforting, like a cashmere sweater or your favorite blanket to wrap up in.
NOTES Base: Vetiver - Mid: Cardamom - Top: Pink Grapefruit



Artisan hand crafted in the New York Catskill Mountains, our all natural candles are made in small batches with an all-natural coconut/soy wax and cotton wicks. Fragrances are created in-house with a complex blend of 100% pure, wild and organic essential oils, CO2s, and absolutes. All of our candles are environmentally conscious, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, hand-poured in reusable vessels, and do not contain any dyes or synthetic fragrances.

Net Weight: 8 oz / 226 g
Height: 3.75"
Diameter: 3.25"
Burn Time: Up to 45 hours

Candle One:
Candle Two:
Candle Three:

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